UGSIGSNJ  Inc. Union of God Sentinels has been inspired and guided by God in the book of Isaiah 21:12: "The watchman said, the morning cometh, and also the night:  If ye will inquire,  inquire ye: return, come."  Sometimes in 1997 or May 29, 1999 UGSIGSNJ Inc. has been founded by the Rev. Jean-Daniel Albert in company of late Wife Veronise Menelas Albert, our four children,  Fitzgerald Daniel Jr., Daditte Milca Albert, Dadine Ashley Albert and Judive Sophora Albert and the participant back up of the movement, the late Rev. Francillon Saint Bazile and several other brothers and sisters in Christ.  The state officials of New Jersey have formally acknowledged the formation of this  movement in year 2000.  Until today, this organization continues to serve the members of Irvington community and its surroundings.  We were  progressing rapidly; but when the terrorists attacked World Trade Center, They have reduced our speed, the loss of assets, the loss of several members who passed away and moved to a new location.                                                                             



Second to Fifth Sunday :  11:00-1:30

  • Children Hour Worship Service in English
  •  Children Bible Study   
  • Expository/Analysis Verse-by-Verse
  • Exam on each book of the Bible
  • Children Volunteering Mission
  • Serving Snack to Children
  • First Sunday of Each Month 11:00-1:55 Mix worship Service Adults and children French Creole and English and Serving Communion


Tuesday/Thursday:  6:25-7:55/8:00-8:45

  • ESL Classes for Beginning and Advance Adults and Children 
  • Tutoring Available in most of subjects
  • HAA or HAAP classes are available to prepare candidates to take the state exam.
  • Computer classes are available for Microsoft Word,  Keyboarding Power Point, Publisher, Excel, Internet and more

Saturday:  10:00-10:50 A M/4:00-4:45PM 

  • Music Classes for children and adults

What is the meaning of the acronym UGSIGSNJ Inc. Union of God Sentinels International of Garden State New Jersey Incorporated previously named Union of Good Samaritans International of Garden State New Jersey.  Union of God Sentinels... is a (501) (c) (3) religious non-profit organization.  UGSIGSNJ Inc. General Administration is composed in two levels of administering: I) A. The Founder and CEO, B. General Administrator or speaker on its behalf. C. Board Members of Foundation.  II) 1. President 2. Vice President 1 and regional Vice presidents.  3. Administration Secretary. 4. Treasurer. 5. Business Planner Delegate and Developer. 6. Organizational Ethics and Policies. secretary. 7. Education Intellectual and spiritual of Human Beings Secretary.  8. Food and Health to  help  the needy Secretary.  9. Transportation Secretary.